A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Producing A Record

This semester our middle schoolers produced an original song titled "Frenemies."  Click the video to learn about their journey making this record. Click here to listen to "Frenemies" on TEEN HQ Radio. Featured Music by: Jonathan Adman (BCAL middle school producer)  

A Day At The Gym

  On this day we brought the kids to the to the gym so they could learn how to have a satisfying workout. The children of BCAL learned muscle groups and what exercises work on those muscles. -Frantz Richard Lahens IMG_7931 IMG_7930 IMG_7910 IMG_7909 IMG_7908 IMG_7920 IMG_7923 IMG_7922 IMG_7912 IMG_7913 IMG_7915 IMG_7916 IMG_7917 IMG_7924

“Good Times With Your (MY) Family”

            Whether it's at the gym, outside, or inside the walls of BCAL, smiles can always be seen when these kids get together. A home away from home, BCAL provides a place where kids can interact and help one another grow or just to have fun. These times have been forever implanted into our mind and just one memory of them can have you smiling and reminiscing about the "Good Times With Your Family" -James Pierre Jr. IMG_8478 IMG_8477 IMG_8476 IMG_8294 IMG_8208 IMG_8210 IMG_8044 IMG_7952 IMG_7404 IMG_0424 IMG_0390 IMG_0353y

Producing music from scratch!

IMG_7462  IMG_7460

The Soft Lab is in FULL EFFECT!

When we got our sewing machines repaired and tuned-up, the Soft Lab opened to our BCAL Youth, for them to materialize their ideas in a way that allowed each participant to use equipment and tools, along with hands-on practices to eventually create anything they could imagine, starting from a very familiar place: A pillow.  Each day the process adds to the final product, through many preliminary steps and prototype creation, while the students become aware of the skills needed to make a final product look a feel complete. IMG_6498_baja IMG_6503_baja IMG_8780 IMG_8778 IMG_8774 IMG_7753_baja IMG_7751_baja IMG_6502_baja

BCAL’s New Blogger

Hello World, my name is Dewayne (Me in the gray hoodie) and I am BCAL's New Part-Time, High School Photographer/Blogger. I am very passionate about photography because I love taking pictures and exploring the many forms of art that this world has to offer.  In my opinion, photography is more than just taking pictures and saving them onto your computer; each photo has its own story and uniqueness about it and that is what I am looking for in every image. When people come to BCAL they always learn and explore new methods and ideas of doing things, whether it is new ideas in dancing, or Mouse Squad, or in the Maker Lab all students can learn something new everyday, and I want to capture those jaw-dropping moments on camera. Everyday can be an amazing day at BCAL and those memories should always be kept and should never vanish. Throughout the next few months, I will take you on a journey to explore the stories behind (Maker - Lab, Mouse Squad, Dance , Inside the Music Studio, The Soft Lab, etc).  Aside from BCAL I have my own photography company called "New Generation Images;" using my talents, I want to motivate other children to follow their dreams & desires despite the negative criticism they receive from unsupportive people. New Generation Images was founded in 2015 and is a company that is a work in progress .